4 units damaged after vacant mobile home catches fire

An overnight fire all but destroyed four mobile homes, leaving more than a dozen people without a play to stay.

"The fire destroyed everything right here that was close to the window," said Sarai Vazquez.

Sarai walked through the charred kitchen of the family's mobile home. Her brothers room was in the same condition.

"Right now he doesn't have a bed; his clothes are so dirty," she said.

It was around 12:30 last night, when the 12-year-old realized something was wrong.

"I just heard like little pics, like pic, pic, pic, and I thought it was finishing raining, then all of a sudden my mom got up, looked out the window, she saw the fire and she started yelling at everyone to come outside," said Sarai.

The mobile home right next door was engulfed in flames.

"I immediately ran through the house, grabbed my 60 foot hose, and ran down the lot and started spraying water. She was grabbing the dogs and moving the cars just in case it decided to come up to the trailers," said David Berard.

In total 14 people were left without a place to stay after the flames spread to a total of four homes including Sarai's.

"Three minutes, and that's when everything started getting bigger and bigger, that's when the firefighters came," said Sarai.

The Vazquez family hopes to rebuild with help from their insurance company, and, even though most of their belongings were destroyed they're relieved they made it out alive.

Fire officials say the cause of the fire remains under investigation.