48th annual Barrett Jackson car auction rolls into the Valley

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (FOX 10) - The 48th annual Barrett Jackson car auction is underway. Thousands of automotive enthusiasts will be entertained from all over the world each day of this week long event. One very special woman is on the hunt for a very special car.

Many folks come to Barret Jackson just to admire the beautiful cars, and if you asked which one they'd choose to own, it'd be hard to pick. But that's not the case with Ms. Fae Baker.

"I'm looking for a 1967 Mercury hard top 328 V8 with RX7," said Fae Baker.

Already the proud owner of another gem, Fae came ready to buy.

"I know what I want," said Baker. "I have a '67 Firebird, it's all custom."

So what's so special about the '67 Mercury hard top she's after? Fae says, simply put, because it's beautiful and rare.

"Well I like that car because I like the shape of it and it's classic," explained Baker. "There's not very many of them around, most of them have been wrecked and that's why I want it."

Fae says the love affair with that car started years ago when someone on her block kept one parked outside, but the timing just wasn't right.

"My neighbor lady had it, I always liked it, but she moved away before I had the money to buy it," said Baker.

While the search continues for her perfect car, Fae says she has just the right guys back home to customize it, the same ones who helped her with her '67 Firebird.

"The guys at the shop that did it for me did an excellent job and we became really good friends because they got tired of me coming in looking everyday," says Baker.