Activists plan second civil rights protest in Phoenix

Days after a chaotic protest in the streets of downtown Phoenix, local activists are holding a town hall meeting to discuss future plans on how to address police brutality and racism.

Last week's march went from calm to out of control. Phoenix police had to use pepperballs and pepper-spray to control the crowd from marching onto I-10. Protesters also threw rocks and bottles at officers leading to three people being arrested and several injured.

Now organizers want to protest again, this time near Camelback and 24th Street in Phoenix. Organizers are not releasing all the details but say the protest will happen Friday mid-day.

Activists say they have 12 demands for the City of Phoenix to meet. The top demand is to equip all officers with body cameras sooner than later.

FOX 10's Ty Brennan attended the meeting and has this report.