Arizona DPS honors 29 fallen troopers in memorial ceremony

Still mourning for the man that owns her heart, Shelly Marino, a mother of three girls, lost her husband, Officer Chris, during a police pursuit in December of 2008.

"There's healing involved, but there's always scars," she said. "It's the one time of a year that we get to feel that we're not forgotten because during the rest of the time, everyone has a life and so do we, but it brings back Chris."

Today, Shelly stood alongside many other families, friends and brothers of the uniform, who honored 29 brave lives lost in-the-line-of-duty with a memorial ceremony.

Community leaders, such as Gov. Doug Ducey and DPS Director Frank Milstead, also paid their respects.

"The men and women in uniform who keep us safe, that are on the front lines... all of these individuals who are lost in violent pursuits and dangerous settings," Gov. Ducey said. "Our police officers and first responders face this everyday and I honor the, for their service."

"We are honored with bringing the families, the friends and the colleagues that were part of the lives of these 29 men who's lives were taken.. who were cut short in the prime of their lives, the end of their watch... they didn't get to go home that day," Col. Milstead said.

To officers past... a tribute. To officers present... a reminder, and to officers yet to come... a legacy.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.