Arizona ranks near bottom in best state to raise a family survey

Findings from a new list show Arizona is one of the not-so-good states to raise a family.

According to WalletHub, Arizona ranks 40 out of 50 states, in terms of the best states to raise a family.

According to the list, Arizona scored a 41.81 out of 100, in a survey that takes into account a number of factors, including the share of uninsured children, the share of families with young children, quality of public schools, and median family incomes.

According to the list, while Arizona ranked 14th, in terms of family fun, the state ranked 47th in terms of education and child care, and 49th in affordability, which takes into account, among other things, housing affordability, median credit score, median mortgage debt, median annual family income, and the average annual family health insurance premium.

Ranks for states surrounding Arizona ranked either very high or very low. California came in 10th, despite the survey noting the state ranks near bottom, in terms of median family salary and affordable housing. Nevada came in at 41, Utah came in at 16, Colorado came in at 14, and New Mexico was ranked dead last.