As search for missing Peoria woman continues, family members are worried

GOODYEAR, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- Family members of missing 72-year-old Mary Endreson are very worried about her.

Endreson left her apartment in Peoria on Sunday, and hasn't been seen since. Meanwhile, a Silver Alert has been issued.

"The emotions have been up and down, all around the numbness," said Endreson ​​​​​​'s son, Bryan.

The family has begun a search in the surrounding area of Olive and 99th Avenue. Meanwhile, the police are making a case to allocate more resources to the search.

"Not only worried about the triple-digit heat, but her mental health," said Bryan. "She's had a history of depression for the past couple of years, so you don't know what they are thinking, or if they are making sense."

The family will continue their search, and they are asking for the community to help out.