Authorities: former ASU professor abducted daughter during divorce

A retired Arizona State University Professor was arrested for a crime she allegedly committed 25-years-ago in California.

During a divorce in 1990, Valerie Berry reportedly left Santa Clara County in 1990 with her toddler daughter.

For years, she evaded authorities by changing their names, and social security numbers.

Authorities used prior identities, social media, and records to arrestBerry on a $250,000 under the alias of Aleks Kelsi Webster.

Berry if convicted could face a sentence from probation up to 3 years in prison.

"Taking a child is wrong," prosecutor James S. Cahan said. "The father's loss, so sudden and then for so long, spurred this Office to continue this 25-year search to its end."

During a previous fight Berry took her daughter and vanished from her husband for three months. The couple reconciled and in late 1988 filed for divorce.

While going through the proceedings, Berry made claims that the husband had molsted a child to CPS. An investigation later cleared the husband of any wrongdoing.