Car involved in four-car crash in Phoenix stolen in Scottsdale carjacking

A person was tased, and a Department of Public Safety (DPS) trooper suffered minor injuries, following a four car cash in Phoenix Friday afternoon.

According to Phoenix Fire officials, the crash happened at 32nd Street and McDowell. According to DPS officials, a trooper riding on a fully-marked department motorcycle was patrolling in the Mini Stack area when he identified a black car that was alleged stolen. After a brief pursuit, the car left Loop 202 at the 24th Street offramp, and headed south. At that point, DPS officials said the pursuit was terminated, out of safety concerns.

DPS officials said the motorcycle was then rear-ended by a silver passenger car, just south of McDowell on 24th Street. It is unknown of the car is related to the pursuit of the black car. The impact, according to DPS, knocked the right saddle case and other equipment of the motorcycle.

The motorcycle, according to DPS, gave chase to the silver car, and the silver car later collided with two pickup trucks on the intersection of 32nd Street and McDowell. The suspect who was driving the silver car, according to DPS, was taken to the hospital, having suffered moderate injuries.

As for the drivers of the pickup trucks, DPS officials said they were not taken to the hospital.

As for the trooper, DPS officials announced, via the department's verified Twitter account, that he has been released to full duty.

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The silver car involved in the crash, according to Scottsdale Police, was stolen in a carjacking earlier on Friday.

According to Scottsdale Police, their officers responded to a carjacking call at 5:35 a.m., at a coffee shop on the 9300 block of E. Shea. The male victim was reportedly parking his car, when another car pulled up behind him. A passenger, according to police, got out of the second car, with a mask over his face, and pointed a handgun at the victim.

The male suspect, according to police, ordered the victim to get out of the car, and the victim complied. The suspect then allegedly drove the car out of the parking lot, and exiting onto 92nd Street. An accomplice, according to police, also left in the same direction, in the getaway vehicle.

The victim, according to police, was not able to give further description of the suspects, nor the second vehicle. No one was reported injured in that incident.

On Friday night, Scottsdale Police said the it is unknown if the driver of the silver car who was detained by DPS Friday afternoon is a suspect in the carjacking incident.

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Courtney Griffin's video on the incident
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