Chandler man reunites with first responders who saved his life

CHANDLER, Ariz. (KSAZ) - Scott Eckenrode and his wife say they couldn't be more grateful for Chandler first responders when earlier this month, they saved Scott's life after a late-night conversation with his wife turned traumatic.

"It just happens and it happened with me and fortunately with Sue there, if she hadn't been there we would have a very different outcome today," Scott said.

It was a scary moment when the 58-year-old suffered a massive heart attack. Sue says the few minutes it took for first responders to arrive felt like an eternity as she watched her husband's life flash before her eyes.

"He wasn't allowed to leave yet and I wasn't so happy to see anyone in my life until they walked through the door," she said.

"Sue was awesome, had the door wide open for us so that was perfect," Chandler Police Officer Carl Schoff said. "[I] knocked on the door, asked for Sue and where she was and she led me right to Scott."

Body camera footage captured the miraculous moment, but this morning there was a sweet reunion when the couple got to see Officer Schoff and the first responders for the first time since the very night they saved Scott's life.

"It didn't hit home until I saw the video with the first responders there... just mind-boggling," Scott said.

Because of Sue and all the people surrounding Scott, he is now making a glorious recovery.