Community remembers five-year-old who was killed by a moving truck

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Friday brought a tragic loss for one Valley family, after their five-year-old boy died, following a incident Thursday where he was run over.

Residents in the area say what happened could've easily happened to their own child, and they are heartbroken for not only Branden Weaver Jr's family, but the people who knew him.

Neighbors say they saw Branden, also known as "Butter", play outside almost every day, and some witnessed the moment Branden ran out into the street before being hit by a pickup truck. Now, a memorial sits in front of a gate at an apartment complex on W. Maryland, serving as a reminder to all.

"He was a loving child, just a smile on his face," said Denise Nealy. "He loved to play. He loved to be with his big brothers and them. He always peeked through my gates."

Nealy says she put up balloons to remember Branden, just hours after he was run over by a pickup truck. Police say the driver is a 71-year-old man who stayed at the scene, and there are no signs of impairment or speeding. Nealy says Branden's mother is trying to process this tragedy.

"She's devastated," said Nealy. "Parents are devastated. They're going through a lot."

Residents at the complex say speed bumps on this street can make a difference. One mother even brought out a safety sign, hoping drivers take notice. Meanwhile, a small community is shaken, knowing they won't see Butter's smile anymore.

GoFundMe for Branden Weaver Jr's Funeral