Doughnut shop looking for men to strip down to underwear, play Cupid for Valentine's deliveries

(FOX News) -- Tired of always buying chocolates and flowers for your loved one on Valentine's Day? Why not embarrass them instead by sending some donuts delivered by a diapered, dancing Cupid?

Hurts Donut in Arizona is running the hilarious promotion from Feb. 1 through Feb. 14 for anyone in the Phoenix-metro area.

In a video posted to the company's Facebook page, a large, hairy, tattooed man wearing massive pink sunglasses, fluffy white angel wings, a diaper and cowboy boots walks into an office building with the box of donuts, showing off his sweet dance moves before handing over the baked goods.

"What comes with a Cupid delivery you ask?! LOVVVEEEE. A lot of love. and typically some super sweet dance moves, baton twirling, song requests, some serious ribbon wand skills that you haven't seen since P.E. in second grade, maybe ukulele playing, maybe an awkward hug and some rose petals!! Have you ever seen a man baby in a diaper do the worm?! You never know!!" the company wrote on the post.

The promotion has apparently been so popular, Hurts Donut is looking to hire more Cupids to fulfill all the upcoming orders.

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