Enrollment to begin for Girl Scout summer programs in Arizona

Summer might still be a few months away, but it's not too early to start thinking about summer camp, and the Girl Scouts just unveiled their new summer programs for this year. 

From hiking to swimming to everything in between, the Girl Scouts are enrolling for their fun-filled summer camp programs starting now. 

"It's just really fun, I've been going since I ever could," said Kiana, an experienced camper. 

Kiana looks forward to summer camp every year. 

"It's just a great experience, you get to learn so many different skills you probably wouldn't have learned, you get to meet new people, it's just a great experience," said Kiana. 

You don't have to be a Girl Scout to enroll in Girl Scout camp. There are four camp locations around the state each offering something different for campers from K to 12. 

"Rock climbing, more hiking outside of the camp, and Willow Springs in Prescott, it's focused on the arts so you can do theater, you can do pottery class," said Alex Anton with the Girl Scouts.

The camps are also one to two weeks with both day and sleep-away camps, but above all, campers say it's a fun way to spend their summer breaks. 

"You get a bunch of new experience, you get to do a bunch of things you probably wouldn't have done in the normal world."

For more information on the camps, visit their website here.