Families voicing concerns over Hacienda Healthcare amidst controversy over birth to comatose woman

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- There are still no answers in the investigation into the alleged rape and surprise pregnancy of a comatose woman at Hacienda Healthcare in Phoenix.

The woman has been living at the facility in a vegetative state for more than a decade, and unexpectedly gave birth. Since the incident, the organization's CEO has stepped down, and the provider has remained silent on the changes going on in their company, and the ongoing police investigation.

Meanwhile, staff and family members are coming forward, voicing their fears and the uncertainty of their safety.

Karina Cesena's 22-year-old daughter, Jazzie, has lived here for the past 13 months. Now, Cesena feels it's not safe.

"I did drill her and did talk to her about the situations, she said nothing has happened to her because they do give her baths and that situation as well," said Cesena.

Cesena says there was no official record of who went in and out of patients' rooms, no cameras, no staff accountability, until now.

"Cops have tripled, the numbers for security has doubled, and they're putting in new implantation of people signing in and signing out," said Cesena. "More cameras are going in. Cameras were never put in."

Phoenix Police detectives have spent the past few days on scene, but no suspect has been named in the incident. The woman's pregnancy went unreported, and some say unnoticed, until she gave birth to a full-term baby in December.

"There's been a doctor that has been negligent in this woman's care," said Cesena. "The provider is the same provider my daughter has. I've only seen him two times in one year, so I think he's pretty much accountable too."

FOX 10 reached out to the doctor, who said he could not comment. Hacienda staff members have reached out to FOX 10 providing details, but are scared to go on record because of health privacy laws. They say male staff feel like they're being hunted, while female staff say they're being overworked, and patients feel that their quality of care has dwindled.

"Somebody needs to come forward and own their actions," said Cesena.

Karina says a letter was sent to family members from Hacienda Healthcare a few days ago, acknowledging that an incident has happened, but there's been no other communication about the case.

Karina set up a fundraiser: