Family speaks out after swastika was spray-painted on their property

It's not the kind of thing anyone would ever want to find on their home: a couple returned from vacation to find hateful messages spray-painted on their Phoenix house.

The couple said the incident, while involved the word "jew" and a swastika spray-painted on the family's mailbox, as well as on the side of a fence, is unsettling, and they also said they felt violated.

The couple, however, said they are not intimidated or ashamed, and said they'd like to talk to whoever did this, just to get a better understanding of why they did it.

Ari and Shoshana Simones said a neighbor had attempted to cover up the hateful graffiti with a white piece of paper, and left them a note inside.

The couple doesn't know why anyone would target their house, and why they'd chose this kind of message. They are, however, turning a negative into a positive. On Sunday, the family is inviting friends and community members over for a BYOP (Bring Your Own Paint) event, where they will paint messages of live and support over the spray paint.

Meanwhile, police are investigating the incident.