FBI investigates shooting at national monument in Northeastern Arizona

CHINLE, Ariz. (AP) -- The FBI is investigating a shooting that left a man dead at a national monument in northeastern Arizona.

The National Park Service says a ranger at Canyon de Chelly shot 43-year-old Venson Yazzie, of Chinle, on Friday afternoon.

It's unclear how it happened.

Park Service spokeswoman Vanessa Lacayo referred questions to the FBI. The agency did not immediately provide more details Tuesday.

Lacayo says the Park Service will not identify the ranger unless he is found guilty of a crime. He is on paid administrative leave.

Lacayo says the shooting happened in an area overlooking the White House ruins named for a whitewashed cliff.

Canyon de Chelly near Chinle on the Navajo Nation has thousands of ruins, carvings and paintings on stone. Some Navajos still live within the monument.