Fire official says geography knowledge plays a role in keeping yourself safe on the lake

As Arizona starts to experience triple-digit heat, people are starting to flock to area lakes to cool off.

"Tubing, skiing, kneeboarding, surfing. It's really fun," said Evan Lopez.

However, with two deadly incidents at Lake Pleasant this past month, first responders are offering advice on how to stay safe on the water.

"People come out here with the idea of having some fun, but again, just know the limitations," said Peoria Fire Captain Greg Serrano.

Some of that advice includes always wearing a life vest and staying hydrated. In addition, experts say people should know where they are on the water.

During a Family Boating Safety Day event at Lake Pleasant on May 8 that aims to educate families on the importance of water safety, Cpt. Serrano explains that one of the biggest problems for people is knowing the geography of the lake.

"People come out, they want to swim, have fun on the boat, then when emergency strikes, they don’t take into account where they are on the water," said Cpt. Serrano.

Some of those emergencies often include overheating, snake bites, drownings, and boating accidents.

"Wear your flotation devices when you are out on the water, especially for children," said Cpt. Serrano. "Know your limitations when you get in the water, and certainly know where you are."

That's a piece of advice that the Lopez family plans to take into account when they head out into the water this season.

"Make sure we don’t get in other people’s way, make sure we have proper supplies, so like, when we are skiing, we have an orange flag," said Jayden Lopez.

Lake Pleasant is expected to have some busy days ahead, starting with Memorial Day and running through the 4th of July and Labor Day.

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