Fire sparks in aquarium building at Wildlife World Zoo

A fire broke out at the Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium around 7:40 Thursday morning.

"The smoke generated from the electrical fire, and the plastics that burned is just nasty stuff," said Collin Williams with Rural Metro Fire.

Rural Metro Fire and MCSO deputies arrived to help on the scene.

"Right now crews are using their fans actually to push out that smoke and ventilate the building," said Williams.

Some animals had to be evacuated; the fire was in a building with floor to ceiling aquariums and turtles.

"There was a large presence from the Wildlife World Zoo, they really used their resources to remove a lot of turtles from that building," he said.

The turtles were moved to another part of the property. The fish remain in the building damaged by the fire. An electrician was called in to get the building up and going again to fuel the aquariums.

Students from Valley schools showed up shortly after, and it was business as usual. The park remains open.