For 1 EVIT student, perfect attendance was the golden ticket to a car

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Six students were recognized for having perfect attendance at the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) Monday morning, all hoping to win a car.

"We ran our perfect attendance list from all of our campuses, and we had several hundred that qualified for it, and then, we went through the process to of kind of whittling it down to the six," said Chad Wilson, Interim Superintendent at EVIT.

Wilson said while many qualified, there could only be one winner of a PT Cruiser. Wilson said the idea is to teach students that joining the workforce isn't all about how well you do in school.

"Some of the soft skills, like punctuality and attendance, matter in the work field just as much as the academics do," said Wilson.

The six students were given a box, with hopes that theirs has the key that'll start the car. In the end, Saguaro High School junior Michael Duarte was the lucky winner.

"Surprised I guess," said Duarte. "Wasn't really expecting to win today but it's cool I did."

Duarte said he always had his eye on the prize.

"Just tell myself everyday don't be late, because I might win that car," said Duarte.