Former Tucson TV news director accused of running prostitution operation

His news judgment once was the last say at a TV station, now this former news director is behind bars, accused of running a house of prostitution out of his Chandler home.

Bob Richardson, a former news director in Tucson, was arrested at his home after an undercover investigation. Chandler Police say he was running an operation that included a male masseuse and a camera that Richardson allegedly used to record the rendezvous.

Neighbors in the area we spoke to say they are stunned to find out that police claim they busted a house of prostitution that was operating right across the street from a park near McClintock and Ray Road.

"It is pretty surprising. It's a pretty mellow neighborhood. I wouldn't expect something like that," said a neighbor.

According to court records, police claim Richardson's alleged house of prostitution involved male masseuses that he would hire to perform sex acts on male clients in exchange for money. When the masseuses would meet with clients, police say Richardson would watch in another room via a hidden camera.

"That's just a rare exception and not the rule," said the neighbor. "This is a really nice neighborhood, a lot of good people here."

Outside the Chandler home, a sign that reads, "DO NOT KNOCK. No uninvited or unexpected callers. This is private property. We will not buy anything at the door, nor change utility companies, donate to charity, listen to religious or political views, participate in surveys and we don't want to sell our house. DO NOT DISTURB."

When police busted the alleged operation, they arrested Richardson, as well as a male masseuse.

Richardson is a freelance television producer.

Police tell us Richardson has lived in the home for the past three years, but it is not clear how long this alleged house of prostitution was operating here.

The undercover operation with Chandler Police lasted about a month.