Glendale Fire, volunteers educate on drowning prevention

With school out and temperatures on the rise, the pool can be a great place to spend your summer. But it can also be a very dangerous place for little ones.

That's why every year, volunteers and members of the Glendale Fire Department go door to door to spread education and awareness to prevent drownings.

"As volunteers, we'll be knocking on doors, educating, dropping off some literature and talking to families about water safety," said Andrew Huerta with Glendale Firefighter Charities.

Armed with information pamphlets and other supplies, the group hopes that by spreading the word about resources like free swimming lessons and fence inspections at no cost that lives will be saved.

"As a charity organization, we are looking to donate some pool fences or repair the pool fences," Huerta said.

And the residents think it's a good idea, too.

"Always be attentive to your kids and know where they're at. But at the same time, it's an unfortunate event," said a resident.

And even though firefighters try their best to help during emergencies, the goal today is to prevent those calls in the first place.

"Being a father of a young child myself, these are by far the hardest, worst calls we have to go on. So if we can prevent ourselves from going on that, it's a win-win for everybody," said Steve Kennedy with Glendale Fire Department.