Glendale educator nominated for Teacher of the Year

A Valley teacher needs your vote! Sharon Levake is a first grade teacher in Glendale.

"I've been teaching for 25 years and have been here at Legend Springs [Elementary] since it opened in 2000," said Levake, who has been in the same classroom for 12 years.

"I taught sixth grade, first grade, and I was a reading specialist."

Her impact in the classroom is one remembered years later.

"My son Brody.. we met Sharon when he was six years old. She's been in our life forever," said Kim Hastings.

Hastings' son just finished his freshman year of high school.

"Kindergarten was tough for him," said Hastings. "He came to first grade, and he just busted out of his shell, and it’s this woman right here.. and we were lucky enough.. we have a younger son who got Sharon as well."

That's why she nominated Levake for Norwegian Cruise Line's Giving Joy contest. 

The top 100 teachers get a free cruise.

"Kim's family and Legend Springs is just home to me," said Levake.

Avery, a former student, said, "I remembered that she had a way to just connect with kids because on parent-teacher night when I came, I was wearing a blue dress with white polka dots and right away she came up to me and said polka dots were her favorite print and right away I felt connection. I’m not sure how or why."

"I just feel that connection that Avery was talking about.. I just feel like I connect more with kids and sometimes adults," said Levake.

Currently, Levake is in seventh place. If we boost her to the top three, then Legend Springs Elementary School will be in the running for the grand total prizes of $25,000, $15,000, or $10,000.

Vote for Sharon Levake to win Norwegian Cruise: