Holiday decorations stolen in broad daylight, thief caught on camera

TEMPE, Ariz. (KSAZ) - A Tempe family is hoping a holiday grinch gets caught after they made off with some of their holiday decorations in broad daylight.

While they say it's not a big loss, it's heartbreaking to have to explain his actions to their kids.

"Usually when people steal Christmas decorations, it happens in the wee hours of the morning but not this time, he was caught on camera," said Rose Miranda.

Disguised as a jogger, the thief passes the Miranda home as if he was on his Saturday afternoon jog, but he had different intentions.

"He jogged right up pulled everything out took it and took off," said Miranda. "It was a matter of seconds, less than 30 seconds."

The snow globe was eight feet tall and has significance.

"It came from my mother-in-law from California it was originally her fathers who had passed away a few years back," said Miranda.

The globe had only been up for a week.

"It's sad because it's hard to explain to your kids," says Miranda.

During the short time, the kids loved it, as it gave their home a little holiday cheer.

Rose just wants to let people know.

"I would hate for him to go around and do it to other people who are less fortunate and work really hard," said Miranda.

If you know who this holiday grinch is, you're asked to call Tempe Police.