Large pile of military explosives found near Pine

A scary discovery was made by a construction crew in the area of Pine, where a large pile of military explosives was found.

How did nearly 100 pounds of military explosives end up 5 feet underground in the rural area? Law enforcement officials have been unsure for months. It was back in October 2017 that a construction crew clearing the area came across 80 blocks of C4, and nine Claymore mines.

Just one block of C4 can turn a car into rubble, and Claymore mines have a kill range of 100 meters. Investigators spent the last several months trying to track down previous property owners, but had no luck finding who buried the explosives.

The explosives date back to the 1960s, and there are no found records or reports of them being stolen. Investigators want to be sure there aren't more out there illegally