Lead paint prompts Phoenix classrooms to be closed

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- A school in Phoenix has closed six of its classrooms, because of dangerous levels of lead dust in the air. And it's all because the walls in those classrooms have lead paint, a type of paint that people stopped using years ago because it's unsafe.

The school, Garcia Elementary, belongs to the Murphy School District, which is in receivership following financial mismanagement. Water damage caused dust from the paint to get into the air. People in the area, like Steven Prather, can't believe it.

"I did not think lead paint was around since the 1970s," said Prather.

"I know it's dangerous, but the truth is I don't know for sure what's in the school," said Sofia Felix, in Spanish.

Attorney Ryan W. Anderson represents the receiver in charge of the Murphy School District, and said the rest of the school is safe for the students. He added that the "district needs to determine what we're dealing with, in terms of potential relocation of students on a more permanent basis, potential remediation costs associated with these events."

"Well, I would like the walls down and new stuff," said Prather. "No reason leaded paint on the walls around children, especially a school."