Molly Ringwald performing Saturday in Mesa

She was one of the hottest stars in the 1980's. This weekend, actress and singer Molly Ringwald is performing in Mesa, Arizona.

Fox 10's Troy Hayden sat down with Ringwald on Friday for a one-on-one interview about her upcoming show, her career, and the hit film The Breakfast Club, which turns 30 this Sunday, February 15.

Troy: This weekend, it's a big anniversary. Thirty years since the release of The Breakfast Club. Does that blow your mind?

Molly: It kind of does, yeah. I mean I feel like it just, it just went by like that (snaps). I can't quite wrap my head around it. And also can't quite wrap my head around the fact that, you know, anyone cares, you know? I love the movie, I love making the movie, I loved it when it came out, but I certainly did not expect to be talking about it 30 years later.

Molly: I'm constantly surprised by the wide variety of people who are affected in some way by this movie or feel like this movie spoke for them.

Troy: I think it was right around that time, I mean, you're on the cover of 17 magazine, you're on the cover of TIME magazine, you've got all these hit movies. I mean, you were white-hot. And that is an area that very few people in entertainment ever attain. I mean, what was that like?

Molly: Well, it was exciting in a lot of ways, but also kind of scary and kind of unexpected. I mean, I always felt like I was going to do well. Because, I don't know, I was kind of told that I was going to do well by my parents, and so I believed it. ‘OK, well, yeah. I have to do great things in my life.' But I just didn't know that it would happen quite so soon.

Troy: Tell me about what you're going to do here tomorrow night.

Molly: Every show that I do is different. It's never scripted. I have a great band. I'm going to be performing with a quartet, so piano, bass drums and alto sax. And since it's Valentine's Day, I think probably the theme will be love.

Molly: I've had a very interesting career. I think I've always tried to do things that are interesting to me and sort of follow my bliss, as Joseph Campbell would say. You know, and I think that's what's kept me sort of interested and happy.

Ringwald is giving a cabaret performance Saturday, February 14 at the Mesa Arts Center Foundation's annual fundraising gala. Tickets to the Hearty Arty Valentine Affair are $150. The event helps fund the Center's arts education and outreach programs.

Mesa Arts Center's Piper Theater
One East Main Street
Mesa, AZ