Mother and son of late organ donor meet medical team in Phoenix

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- It was a life lost that also resulted in many others saved, and a Valley family is sharing the story of organ donation.

The story began with a mother who was killed trying to save her son after an accident during a horse carriage ride, and on Thursday, her mother and her five-year-old son stopped by Banner University Medical Center to meet the medical team, during a special ceremony.

"Thank you for allowing me to tell Jaimy's story, and to be able to keep Jaimy's story alive," said Vikki Burdine.

It was four years ago when Jaimy Burdine lost her life. Burdine and her family, including her one-year-old son at the time, went on a horse carriage ride. Things turned for the worst when her horse sped off. Using her motherly instincts, Jaimy acted quickly and jumped off the carriage, tightly holding on to her baby. The baby was okay, but Jaimy wasn't.

At just 33 years old, Jaimy was declared brain dead.

"As we gathered around Jaimy's bed to say goodbye, we were in a very dark, dark place, grieving the loss of an only child," said Vikki.

But it was a phone call that lifted up the family's spirits.

"I wasn't in a good state of mind and couldn't hear very well, but I heard the words 'organ donation'," said Vicki. "This littlest of light entered that dark, dark room. Little light of hope."

It was a little light of hope, because Jaimy's organs and tissue would go on to help others.

"She saved four people's lives with her organs. Two people were given sight with her eyes, and hundreds of people benefited from her tissue," said Vikki.

Now, Jaimy's son, Stylz, will soon be celebrating his fifth birthday.

"It has helped us through the whole tragedy, knowing that Jaimy got to be a hero," said Vikki. "She got to fulfill her wish in helping others and her wish to become an organ donor. That's not always the case."