New details surrounding disappearance that triggered Amber Alert

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- New details surrounding the disappearance of a 14-year-old Surprise teenager that triggered an Amber Alert on Sunday are beginning to emerge.

The teen, identified by Surprise Police officials as Aubrey Gardner, was found in Mesquite, Nevada with 21-year-old Jonathan Carson, who is now in custody.

Carson was spotted near a gas station in Mesquite, during a traffic stop.

"I see the officer was kind of struggling to get him down to the ground," said Larry Lane, in a phone interview. He witnessed Carson's takedown. "I just took the suspect down at the legs, and the officer had the upper body and went down to the ground, and that's it. I just held on to his legs until the other officers got there."

Aubrey, according to officials, is not harmed. Surprise Police investigators are still investigating her disappearance, and have not released a lot of information. However, according to Child Help, a non-profit that works to end child abuse, these types of stories are all too common, especially with the predators using the internet.

"It's like an arm reaching into your house. A predator can be reaching through the phone, through a laptop, and creating a complete fantasy world with your child," said Daphne Young, Chief Communication Officer for Child Help. "Communication is huge, and know your child. Know when there's changes in your child's behavior, whether they're becoming more withdrawn, whether they're seemingly anxious."

Carson is now facing a slew of charges.