On the prowl: Bobcat spotted in north Scottsdale neighborhood

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (FOX 10) - A bobcat is creating quite the stir in one north Scottsdale neighborhood. Some people are on high alert and one resident believes the wild animal killed their chickens.

Look closely... that's a bobcat and he doesn't seem to be in a hurry to hide from the camera.

The footage was shot Wednesday afternoon in the area of 67th Street and Dreyfus in north Scottsdale.

The bobcat seems to be creating quite a stir and several sightings have been reported on a neighborhood watch app.

One resident says a bobcat killed all of their chickens five days ago.

"I just think it's party of Arizona living," Robertta said.

Robertta, who was out walking Sam this morning, is right.

These wild animals have been here all along and spokesperson for Arizona Game and Fish, Amy Burnett, calls them "urban bobcats."

Burnett says bobcats likely won't attack children unless they're concerned, but small dogs, chickens and birds are easy prey.

She suggests keeping dogs indoors if they are unsupervised, and keep your chickens in a coup that is tightly secured.

When they don't have people yelling at them or making noise, then they stick around and they get a little bit closer," she said. "When they are close and they see an opportunity, like your small pet, they're going to go for it."

Burnett says if you see one, make noise to scare it away.

"As long as I'm with her, I'm not particularly concerned about it," Robertta said.

In the meantime, residents say they will be keeping an eye on their pets and out for the bobcat that's on the prowl.

AZGFD says the bobcat in the video is likely a male and about 20 pounds. The department will not relocate bobcats, but can give you more advice on how to stay safe.

Arizona Game & Fish