People flying into Sky Harbor from the East Coast talk about bomb cyclone

Despite the "bomb cyclone" winter storm gripping the East Thursday, things weren't too bad at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport, despite some cancellations coming in from places like Boston, Charlotte, and Philadelphia.

When asked about what he was looking forward to the most, a traveler from Philadelphia, identified only as "Shorell", said:

"The weather. Mostly the weather."

Shorell's answer echoes others by folks touching down in Phoenix Thursday morning, from places like Maryland, Philadelphia, and D.C.

"We weren't sure what the weather was going to be, cancellations, we didn't know what was going to happen, so we were pins and needles," said Shorell.

"It was about 20 when I left," said Aaron Wood from Washington, D.C., referring to the temperature at the nation's capital. "It's been about teens to about 20's all week."

The winter storm has been described a bomb cyclone, bringing with it snow, fierce winds, and bitter bone-chilling temps.

"It was really snowy. Rain and sleet," said Shorell. "It was raining sideways and sleeting sideways. It was horrible. Glad to be here in Phoenix."

Travelers are happy their flights didn't get canceled, like thousands of others across the country.

"We had to go through about 30 to 40 minutes of deicing once we took off from the terminal, and there were planes ahead of us," said Wood.

There's typically a ripple effect with these types of cancellations. If you are flying out of Phoenix Sky Harbor in the coming days, you want to make sure to check your flight status, just to be sure.