Phoenix plans to propose e-scooter pilot program

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- The City of Phoenix could soon be saying goodbye to dockless bikes, and hello to the e-scooters that can be seen in Tempe and Scottsdale.

Currently, e-scooters are banned in Phoenix, but that may soon change. A city spokesperson said the reason the dockless bike ordinance was removed, because the industry has shifted gears and is investing more on electric scooters.

Lime, Razor, and Bird are brands of dockless bikes and e-scooter brands have flooded the East Valley and Scottsdale. Now. the City of Phoenix may be following in their footsteps, when it comes to those electric scooters. The City of Phoenix did get rid of its short-lived ordinance on dockless bikes, but the city is now proposing a new pilot program that would allow e-scooters instead.

"We didn't get any interest from the dockless bike share companies. Instead, what they are doing is putting their focus on the e-scooter," said Monica Hernandez with the City of Phoenix.

The new proposal includes charging vendors a $500 application fee, $5,000 for a six-month permit, and a 10-cent surcharge per ride. If approved, the pilot would last about six months to a year.

People are talking about the proposal.

"I'm not opposed to it. It might be a little dangerous with a lot of cars out here," said one person.

"I think people need to get around, and I think it's just an easy way to move from one place to the next," said another person.

If all goes as planned and the pilot program does get the green light, city officials said we could see people zooming down the street in their e-scooters by as early as this fall. The city plans to bring this proposal to the city council early this summer.