Photos, video shows valley daycare worker flipping off children

A valley daycare worker is out of a job after posting questionable photos on social media of the young children she was watching.

A series of photos and videos, allegedly taken at the Kid's Play Learning Center in Mesa by a 19-year-old daycare worker, have some parents outraged. The photos show the worker flipping off some of the children at the daycare center.

The caption in one of the photos reads "I swear I love kids."

Dorothy Thornton, the owner of the center, says she learned about the photos from some angry parents and immediately fired the worker.

"I was just thinking, 'What was she thinking?' and especially the one with the birdie," she said.

Thornton says the daycare worker was apologetic and said she hopes this is a life lesson, not only for her, but for anyone who uses social media.

Mesa police did investigate the incident, but they did not find anything criminal in what she did.