Police: Loaded gun pointed at Mesa High School student, 3 boys arrested

MESA, Ariz. -- There are new details about the gun scare on campus at Mesa High School. Three 14-year-olds have been arrested.

Authorities say two boys pointed the loaded gun at a girl on Friday and the incident was reported by the girl on Monday. The two boys then stated a third boy had the gun. Police later found the gun in the student's backpack.

Letter sent to parents:

Dear Mesa High parents,

This morning, we were made aware of a serious situation that occurred on campus last week.
On Friday, a student brought a loaded gun to school and threatened another student. A third student was also involved in threatening behavior with the gun. A limited number of students were in the proximity when this happened and no students reported it when it occurred.

School administration was not informed of these actions until this morning. We immediately contacted our school resource officer. During the investigation we learned that the gun was on campus, in the possession of a fourth student.

The gun was confiscated and the students involved were arrested.

I am disappointed that these students compromised the safety of everyone at Mesa High School. This is not who we are. Thankfully a student did come forward and report the incident.

It takes all of us to keep Mesa High safe. Please remind your child that weapons of any kind are not allowed at school, in parked cars or on the bus. Also encourage your child to speak up if they see or hear anything that may threaten the safety of our community.

Thank you for your continued support and for placing your trust in Mesa High School.

Kirk Thomas