Police search for suspect involved in Fry's robberies

Phoenix police need your help to stop a man they say has robbed three valley Fry's stores in just the past couple of weeks.

The suspect was caught on store surveillance cameras.

"This is a string of armed robberies. It started back on May 24th and at least three Fry's stores we know of throughout the valley," said Sgt. Derek Elmore, with Silent Witness.

The first robbery was at Indian School Road and 67th Avenue, second was off Peoria and 35th Avenues and the third was in Peoria at Cactus and 75th Avenue.

"You're looking at like one every couple of weeks or so," said Elmore.

Elmore says in every single situation, the guy does the same thing.

He walks into the store, goes right to the service counter, shows a gun, demands money and has the clerk put it in a bag for him before walking out.

"He's very discrete about how he does, but he does bring the gun out, and threaten the clerk," said Elmore.

Police are hoping somebody somewhere knows where he is.

"The more he does this, the more dangerous he's going to get because the more bold he gets with those acts. The quicker we can get this guy into custody, the better off we'll all be," said Elmore.

The suspect is described as a Hispanic male, about 30-years-old and 5'7". In every instance, he's worn a button up shirt, sunglasses and a hat.