Poll: Arizonans would support a tax on soda to benefit education

According to a new poll from Phoenix-based behavioral research polling company OH Predictive Insights, Arizonans would favor a 2-cent per ounce tax on soda that could raise roughly $660 million annually, but only if all the money went directly to education.

Women overwhelmingly support this type of measure. According to the poll, 51 percent of men would be in favor, while 41 percent say no. For the women, 67 percent would vote yes and 23 percent would vote no.

There's a 2-to-1 margin of those who would support something like this, but as of now, there are no plans to have a measure on any ballot for any upcoming election. This was just a poll to gauge how people feel about the topic.

"According to respondents, soda is the new 'sin'. Just like cigarettes and alcohol, people don't mind adding taxes there for the greater good," said Mike Noble, managing partner and chief pollster at OH Predictive Insights."Cubs win the world series, Trump gets elected president and a Bloomberg policy has 59 percent support in Arizona - this is the year of the possible."

People on the streets of Phoenix appear to be supportive of the idea.

"I'm okay with it because soda is a luxury item," said Ernie Rodgers. "They're not water, they're not a necessity. They're a luxury. I've seen in my lifetime a lot of luxuries go up, so if it's not too much, I'm okay with it."