Possible breakthrough in 22-year-old missing persons case as woman claims to be Diamond Bradley

A woman in Texas believes she might be Diamond Bradley, a missing girl out of Chicago's South Side.

The Bradley family feels they are closer to the possibility of solving this mystery that has put their lives on hold for 20-plus years and it all started with a TikTok video.

It was a trail that went cold after Diamond and Tionda Bradley went missing from Bronzeville 22 years ago.

The three and 10-year-old girls simply vanished without a trace.

However, the TikTok video has put the case back in the spotlight.

The age progression photo from Missing and Exploited Children mentions a scar that Diamond has on the left side of her hair in her hairline.

"When talking to her face to face, I can see the scars, that one and that one," said Sheliah Bradley-Smith, the great aunt who has been fighting to find the girls. 

She says the woman in her 20s lives in Houston and reached out to her.

Bradley-Smith orchestrated for her to go talk to the FBI.

"I was on speaker, and he told her we were expecting you, and he told her you can't take your phone in," said Bradley-Smith.


The FBI spoke with the woman for 45 minutes and did take her DNA.

Right now, the test results are pending. It will be compared with the girls' biological mother.

"She said they gave her a cheek swab and fingerprinted me," said Bradley Smith. 

Ross Rice, a former FBI special agent, says the DNA will take some time.

"They have to process the swab and get a DNA reading on that and then compare it to what they have, that will tell them if they have a match or not," said Rice.

If she is Diamond Bradley, where has she been for 22 years?

Her great-aunt says living in the northwest part of the country, treated inhumanely.

"This young lady over the years has been held captive, fed steroids to make her body growner than it was for sex trafficking, drug-induced, living on the streets after escaping," said Bradley-Smith.

And where is Tionda, who was 10 at the time the sisters disappeared together?

"I said what happened to Tionda. She told me they were in a car, I was with her in a car and was with her for a while where they had us at. I woke up one day and Tionda wasn't there, I didn't see her anymore," said Bradley-Smith.

The Chicago FBI field office is handling this case.

The great-aunt did tell me there's a backlog for DNA, and she's waiting to hear the results any day now.