Preparations underway for President Donald Trump's Phoenix visit

President Donald Trump's team is already in Phoenix planning the details for the Feb. 19 rally.

The last time he was at the Coliseum was four years ago in 2016, the summer before he was elected president. 

Next Wednesday, communication is going to be extremely important as extra towers are going up at the Arizona State Fairgrounds, where Trump will hold a campaign rally.

Back then, chaos ensued on the streets outside of the Phoenix Convention Center as protestors and police officers clashed. People who live near the coliseum, however, don't expect protestors or tear gas on their streets.

Robert Diaz's family has lived next to the state fairgrounds for 60 years. "There's always a problem with traffic here in the neighborhood, people are looking for a place to park because they don't want to pay," he said.

They're used to traffic and crowds when the state fair comes every year, he explains, although the neighborhood isn't exactly rolling out the red carpet for President Trump, residents are proud to welcome him into the community.

"It's a good thing for him to come to Arizona and we have become more important than we used to be," Diaz said. Arizona is no longer a slam dunk for Republicans, as we've become a battleground state.

More information about traffic and parking plans should be available early next week. If you plan to attend the rally, you'll have to register for tickets on Trump's campaign website, with a two tickets per person limit.