Phoenix Rescue Mission takes new approach to transform lives of homeless people

Despite efforts by private groups and government agencies, the homeless crisis in Arizona continues to grow.

However, a program in the Phoenix area is taking a holistic approach to the problem.

Some people living on the streets may say they want to be there, that it's a lifestyle, a community, a family.

Jesse Dallariva used to say the same thing.

"It's a coping mechanism because you're in that position and you have to deal with it somehow," said Dallariva, who is now the Client Services Director with the Phoenix Rescue Mission.

The Phoenix Rescue Mission offers a comprehensive program for the homeless, where they try to address a number of issues.

Alexander Ortiz went from jail on drug charges to the mission two years ago. It changed his life.

"I knew I needed to do something, and I just took a chance," said Ortiz.

Group counseling is one of the many resources at the mission.

The men sleep, eat, take classes, get support to find jobs, find their faith, and rebuild their lives.

"Everything I lost that I thought I would never get back, I got it all back," said Ortiz. It doesn't matter how lost you are. You're never too lost."

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