Residents at retirement community enjoying beer made on the premises

NEAR TUCSON, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- Sunday is National Beer Day, and for people at one Arizona retirement community, they have plenty of reasons to tip one back.

Typically, people wouldn't think a retirement community would be the best spot for a brewery, but that's exactly the case at Robson Ranch, located north of Tucson.

Robson's Saddlebrook Ranch is a 50+ community known for its golf. After 18 holes, people will likely need something to wash it all down. Enter the clubhouse at Saddlebrooke Ranch.

"I'm a regular," said Robson Ranch resident Trish Kelly. "I don't drink a lot, but after golf, a nice, cold beer is absolutely great."

Josh Johnson is the head brewer.

"Josh has been doing a great job, and he's very passionate about it," said Vice President of Food and Beverage Service George Attwell.

Atwell runs the place.

"I met a lot of homeowners when I was building this and building in the community," said Attwell. "A lot of them are from Oregon or Washington state, and a lot of them were interested in craft beer they brew in their own garages."

The brewery opened last November, and it's open to anyone. Those who live in the community just love it.

"This is every bit as good if not better very good," said Kelly.

Kelly and her husband used to brew their own, while living in Seattle. Now a Robson resident, Krish is very happy with the brew right in her own neighborhood.

"I started off with the Boogle Blonde, which I'm told Mr. Robson's dog's name is Boogle, I think that's where the name came from," said Kelly. "It's very good, and that's been my standard."

Other customers also enjoy it.

"I'm glad we got up here. I'm glad we tried it," said one person from Tucson.

The brewery also supplies other Robson communities in the state, and the clubhouse is currently going through six kegs a week.