Residents in Anthem, Cave Creek wake up to snow-covered landscape

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Usually, it's Northern Arizona that experiences harsh weather conditions. However, parts of the North Valley faced the same conditions on Friday, as areas such as North Scottsdale, Cave Creek, and Anthem experienced heavy rainfall, snowfall, and hail.

To say the weather is a rarity is an understatement. and while most people are in great spirits, some businesses, such as the Troon North Golf Course in Scottsdale, have had to temporarily close its doors. Both of the golf courses are hoping to open their doors again on Saturday afternoon.

Mike Friend, director of sales at Toon North, said he's never seen anything like this in all the years he's lived in Arizona.

"This time of year, this is our peak season," Friend said. "When we have a lot of visitors from all over the country and internationally coming to play golf, a lot of them are looking to escape this kind of weather."

Despite losing tens of thousands of dollars due to the temporary closing, the golf course is staying positive. With the on-site restaurant and clubhouse still open, several customers and visitors are having a great time. Robert Rahal, who visiting from Pennsylvania, is quite surprised to visit the opposite side of the country. only to see a decent amount of snowfall.

"We came here to escape the snow," Rahal said. "We came from Pennsylvania with 10 inches on the ground, and came out here and ran into rain on Thursday and six inches of snow this morning."

Experts are crediting the active weather pattern to an active El Niño year that's been feeding in a lot of moisture from the Southwest. Andrew Deemer, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Phoenix, noted the rarity.

"This is really, almost unprecedented," Deemer said. "That portion of the valley, they'll get a dusting a couple of winters, but to see anything about two to three inches is incredibly rare."

Staci Medina is thoroughly enjoying the snow, because she knows it won't last long.

"I'm enjoying the snow because we know it comes and goes very quickly," Medina said. "I've got my husband at home, [and I'll say], 'Let's drive up and see some snow.' "

Throughout Arizona, people of all ages are enjoying the snow.

In other parts of the North Valley, people, be it native or visitors, are talking about the snow.

"I haven't seen anything like this in all the years that I've lived here in my whole life," Zach Gillespie said.

"It's amazing. I love it. It's so close to home. Arizona never gets to see anything like this, so it's awesome," Lauren Arterburn said.

"We woke up this morning, the mountain was covered," John Arterburn said. "My daughter said we got to go back up there and see the snow and it's just unbelievable."

Overnight, up to four or five inches of snow covered parts of Scottsdale Cave Creek and Carefree, making for a perfect excuse to get out and enjoy every inch of it while it lasts.

"We just wanted to bring the dogs out to run and play around and enjoy the snow," Lauren Arterburn said. "Who knows if we'll ever see this again."

"We got a puppy that hadn't seen the snow before, so that was our main goal and then personal reasons," Zach Gillespie said. "We love the snow, so any reason for an adventure!"