Scottsdale man rings in 2019 after close call with series of heart attacks

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (FOX 10) - For 37 years, Adam Globerson never had any heart issues until the day he almost lost his life.

Adam says it started back in November with a minor heart attack.

He says he doesn't remember much, but that he had minor chest pains before leaving for vacation -- signs of a heart attack that he ignored.

"I was in Las Vegas attending some concerts over Halloween weekend and [I] don't really remember much past Wednesday evening," he said.

Adam says if it wasn't for his girlfriend, who also works in healthcare, contacting emergency responders, he could have died.

"As soon as he collapsed, I kind of went into that mode from training, so I checked him out and he wasn responding, so I called 911," Robin Limmer Bibb said.

After Robin gave Adam CPR, firefighters arrived moments later, where it took nearly 30 minutes to bring Adam back to consciousness.

"He was dead. He wasn't breathing. He had no pulse," Scottsdale Fire Capt. Bill Crowther said. "We were there a long time working on Adam until we felt he was stable enough to move."

Three days later, Adam woke up in the hospital.

Now a proud survivor, he says he's forever grateful for both Robin and emergency responders for saving his life.

"I was dead for a half hour and they worked and worked and worked and thanks to their tireless efforts, I'm here standing and talking today," he said.