Sky Harbor to roll out new breastfeeding pods for nursing moms

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Traveling can get pretty hectic, especially for moms and their babies.

"This is actually our first time traveling with our daughter, she's 3-weeks-old, so it's been quite the adventure all morning trying to navigate all of the family policies," Rachel Zayas said.

Inside Terminal 4 at Sky Harbor, moms like Rachel says it's tough because when it's time to nurse, she would have to leave security, breastfeed in a private area called the "Nursing Room," and then make her way back through security -- but that will soon change.

"I was flying with my baby and my flight was delayed and we had to go back through the other side of security to feed him and when I came back the TSA people scolded me," Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego said.

A unanimous vote by the Phoenix City Council recently approved nursing pods in Terminal 4, called "Mamava" pods.

"It's a quiet place where you can put down all your gear," Gallego said. "Moms know that when you're traveling with your baby, you're not traveling light and it will be a quiet, peaceful place to feed the little one."

"I think that would be incredible," Zayas said. "We're actually on our way out, but had we been going this direction, had we been flying out., it would have been amazing."

The new "Mamava" nursing pods will even have electrical outlets for moms needing to pump.

The pods will debut in Terminal 4 this fall.