Spooky ghost tours offered at Orpheum Theatre in downtown Phoenix

With Halloween just weeks away, there are spooky events all over the valley. There are even haunted happenings at one of the valley's most infamous spots: the Orpheum Theatre.

Some people, whether they were actors, singers, musicians, or guests, never left the Orpheum.

Laura Stenzel, a ghost tour guide with the Friends of the Orpheum Theatre non-profit says the stories are hauntingly true.

"All of our stories are authentic stories, in meaning that we have done our research. During the off-season, we do a lot of research to make sure the stories we tell are true," Stenzel said.

The Orpheum was built by Rickards and Nace as an atmospheric theatre, giving the illusion that one was outdoors. The Illusions (or are they...) now walk the halls.

The Orpheum ghost tour lasts an hour, but the haunting has lasted a lifetime.

The tours cost $25 a person. There are five tours every evening, and they run through October 31.

If you'd like to book a tour or find our more information, head over to the Orpheum's website... if you dare.