Storms leave some valley residents in the dark

Many people woke up Tuesday morning to rain, while others woke up to no power.

In the area of 32nd Street and McDowell, 1,100 people were without power this morning and some men and women working near 36th Street and McDowell say it's because lightning struck a power pole.

"We were working five o'clock exactly and the lightning hit and it hit that pole right there and we just came out to be nosey," Marabell Espinoza said.

Espinoza says she thought it was a car crash until she went outside.

"It was like a pop and then the lights went out and they came back on, then they came back on again," she said.

Espinoza says then the power pole across the street started acting up.

"After that, there was, like, every other minute there was an explosion on this side and finally the fourth one, that's what did it and turned off all the lights," she said. "That was the loudest one and that was the scariest one."

Switches on this power pole popped multiple times and we were on scene for two of them.

"We were actually here when it finished sparking and it was pretty scary for us because you can see our van is parked right below there," FOX 10's Courtney Griffin said.

The traffic light also lost power a few times. SRP restored power to the area shortly after the storm passed. There were no reported injuries.