Supplies stolen from local conservation group

A local conservation and education group is asking for the public's help.

A burglar broke into a storage yard at Audubon Arizona and stole supplies needed to help rebuild and repair habitats for local wildlife.

"We do a lot of education programming here out of the center conservation work on Rio Salado habitat work here and around the state," said Sonia Perillo, Vice President and Executive Director of Audubon Arizona.

One week ago, in the middle of the night thieves broke in.

"We had somebody jump the fence into our outdoor storage yard," said Perillo.

"The thieves came in and they took the wheels off so they could remove the wheelbarrows but they left the chain and you can see the lock is still there," said Cathy Wise, Education Director at Audubon Arizona.

"They did leave us one wheelbarrow they took for but they left us the one that's broken."

Next Saturday the group is holding a conservation workday along the Rio Salado.

"We need these wheelbarrows for next weekend we so this was a big surprise at a bad time."

The crooks also made off with a massive metal tent used to create a bat cave during their 'Enchanted Trail Night' event.

But despise the setbacks, the group is staying positive.

"I've been calling it making lemonade from lemons so the theft was a blow but the tremendous support from the community has been really heartwarming for us," said Perillo.

To help Audubon Arizona replace the stolen supplies click here.