Surveillance video shows suspects lighting Phoenix teen's car on fire

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - "This is the tire that popped... right there... the loud bang that we heard," Thomas Dumas said.

This is what's left of 18-year-old Thomas Dumas' white 2000 Toyota Camry.

He says last Friday night, he was watching a movie in the living room with his girlfriend inside his parents' home when he suddenly heard a loud noise outside.

The suspect was completely unaware that the arson was all caught on camera.

"In one of the videos, they were laughing, so we just thought they were doing it for fun," Dumas said.

Surveillance video from the front porch of Dumas' home, as well as the neighbor's next door, shows a suspect light the car on fire, then make a run for it to a driver waiting in a getaway car parked down the street.

"You can just see everything melted and then the fire department broke the glass in so they could put out the fire," Dumas said.

Although his parents were out of town, Thomas tells us they watched the entire incident happen from a security app on their cellphone.

"They were in the back of an Uber and they were freaking out because they're watching on the camera... my car on fire," he said.

Thomas and his family say since there was nothing valuable inside the vehicle, they just don't see why anyone would do this.

Meanwhile, Phoenix police are still searching for the suspect in this case.

A GoFundMe page has been setup to help Thomas after his car was destroyed.