Surveillance video shows vandalism at Chandler man's home

CHANDLER, Ariz. (FOX 10) - Furious and relentless in finding who is responsible, Todd Zubchevich says he believes it was a group of teens who vandalized his Chandler home.

"It's just... no more. These kids are going to be the spokesperson for the group of people of why we shouldn't do this anymore because I'm not stopping until these guys are caught, I'm not stopping," he said.

The incident happened around 2:45 a.m. on Saturday when a newer-model Toyota Avalon pulled in front of the home near Superstition Boulevard and Meridian Drive.

Surveillance video shows males wearing masks getting out of the car and one of them throws a firework on the hood of a car and tries lighting it a few times before it ignited.

Then, the same male tosses it on top of Zubchevich's daughter's truck, but luckily it rolls off into the driveway.

"It could've burned my car to the ground, my house to the ground," he said. "My family [was] sleeping inside. This was 2:40 in the morning."

Since posting the surveillance video on social media, more and more people from all over the Valley are chiming in, sharing similar pictures and videos on the same people getting into the same car.

"I started getting calls from families in Val Vista, Queen Creek Alma School... you name it," Zubchevich said. "West of here. East of here. People in the neighborhood that I had no idea."

The group hit up more than 10 homes in the same neighborhood that night, causing nearly thousands of dollars in damage by throwing eggs, shooting paintballs, lighting fireworks and even knocking on doors.

Zubchevich says it's not about the monetary value of property the group is vandalizing, but about their safety in pulling such a dangerous prank.

"Flashes, bangs and things going off. Kids with masks on... i's not going to end well," he said. "Arizona is a big gun state. There's a lot of ex-military and ex-law enforcement. My fear is they're going to do the same thing and stop and look and watch and be happy with what they did."