Teen rapper born without a jaw appears at SOTU speech as Sen. McSally's guest

WASHINGTON (FOX 10) -- During Tuesday night's State of the Union address by President Donald Trump, people may have seen a familiar face from Arizona.

That person is Isaiah Acosta. FOX 10 profiled the teen in June 2018, who was born without a jaw, and collaborated with late rap artist Trap House on the song "Oxygen to Fly". On Tuesday night, Acosta was the guest of Sen. Martha McSally during the address.

"Honestly, social media and being able to text has really given him so much freedom to really express himself," said a Valley radio host known as Lady La.

Isaiah's doctors originally told his family that Isaiah was not going to live for very long. Nowadays, the teen is living his dream as a rapper.

"He's just a regular kid who wants to make music, like tons of other kids," said La. "To see the heights that he's reached, given the circumstances, it's hard not to be emotional about this."

As for why Sen. McSally chose Isaiah as her guest, she credited Isaiah's strength

"His resilience, hope and courage that you have found inside yourself, but with the support with Phoenix Children's is just really amazing," said Sen. McSally.

"Couldn't believe I was in it," said Isaiah, via a voice device. "The capital had so much to see. We had a great tour guide. I loved seeing the Barry Goldwater statue. Thank you for making this possible Senator McSally."

FOX 10 reported on this story from Phoenix.