Thousands flood ASU as students move into dorms

This weekend, thousands of Arizona State University students made their new dorm room home.

"It's very welcoming, there's a lot of people helping you, so it's nice, I'm not on my own," said freshman Hannah Shaner.

After Sunday, 14,000 ASU students will have successfully moved into their new dorm room, ready to start the 2016-2017 school year.

"We're just so excited the academic year is here to welcome parents, families, students, for the Sun Devil experience is awesome," said Jana Faro, director of operations for ASU's housing. She says the students enter the Wells Fargo Arena with a ticket, gather their badge and keys and are ready to move in.

"Honestly, this is a well oiled machine. We use great companies and vendors to work with us and an elaborate behind the scenes matrix and support and operation," said Faro.

"They gave us a bunch of free stuff for going in.. our keys were already ready, it was a pretty breezy process," said freshman Michael Shalaby.

But they don't really have to do the moving-in. Faro says they're staffed with 500 people and have a service where staff carries students' boxes up to their dorm for them!

"The staff will swarm their car, unload, bring it all up to their room so they don't have to lift a thing."

"You put it all in your car and you have a sticker on it and you drive in there and they unload it, it's pretty easy process."

"And then you write on your boxes your dorm room number and your name and then they just bring it right up to you," said Shanerl

Making it a smooth and easy process for students as they prepare for the big year.

"Probably make new friends and exploring the college life and see what it's like," said Shalaby.

An experience they won't soon forget.

Some students will also move in this week. Classes begin Thursday, August 18th.