University of Arizona delays planned faculty furlough

The University of Arizona is delaying a furlough for faculty and staff that was to begin this week.

The Arizona Daily Star reported Thursday that UA President Robert Robbins put off the planned furlough at the last minute.

Robbins said in a statement while the decision will cost the school around $4 million, it’s ultimately better to come together and have more discussions.

The plan would have implemented a furlough-based salary program between July 1 and Aug. 10. It mainly impacts employees earning $44,500 or more. The university projected the plan would save about $95 million as it faces losses of $250 million through the next fiscal year.


Workers at University of Arizona face furloughs, pay cuts amid COVID-19 pandemic

The University of Arizona is implementing furloughs and pay cuts for most of its employees as a result of economic strains brought on by the coronavirus outbreak.

More than 1,300 of roughly 3,500 faculty members had voted to postpone the plan. Many would like the measure to be delayed until early fall.

Robbins says he will organize meetings starting next week to look for the best financial solutions.

A coalition of 200 faculty, staff, and graduate students say there have been 200 workers already laid off or did not have their contracts extended.