Valley organization alerts parents to dangers of hidden drugs

The staged room lies 40 different items of drug paraphernalia and 20 different hiding places where kids could potentially keep drugs.

"So, I shook it and it didn't sound like there was liquid inside, so this is something that's very inconspicuous," Torre Valentine said.

Today, Torre Valentine, a mom to three kids, went through to see if she could pick out the hidden spots.

"Uh! I knew it, but I couldn't figure out how to get it open," she said. "Ah, look at that! So here's another one and this room is clean. What about a room that's disheveled?

Scott Watson is a prevention specialist with Not My Kid, an organization that educates youths and families on current trends, warning signs and destructive behaviors.

"This is so parents can get a head start if their child is experiencing with drugs or alcohol, to getting them the help they need and we will teach them how to start that conversation," he said.

Watson says anything from household items to things purchased at smoke shops or Amazon need to be carefully looked at if you think your child in the midst of using.

"It's not about invasion of privacy, but it's about safety and prevention and taking preventative measures for their kids," he said.

The room will be open to all parents through the end of August.

Parents can stop by Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Their office is at 52nd Street and Shea.

Not My Kid is also giving away free drug testing kits through the end of the month.